Saturday, 21 August 2010

Welcome to the Blog!

From my beginnings in 1984 within “Teatre de la Claca” headed by Mr. Joan Baixas and performing worldwide (Festival d’Été du Québec – 1985), followed by my greatest experience in the cinema and TV production to the current century digital production, post-production and distribution, I have always considered essential to strive to be at the forefront of the lifestyle tendencies, technologies, platforms and storytelling that today are a constant and motivating challenge.

The scene and its relationship with the moving image has always fascinated me, especially in field of music productions, fashion, entertainment and sports, where I have always tried to direct my career where I have done work in the camera crew, as editor, film-making, floor management, direction team and production gradually.

Probably the passion for this sector can be found in my DNA, because it contributes to generate a constant motivation to face new challenges and projects.

Since this quick profile’s picture I have reached a simple conclusion I like to summarize in my own vademecum:

· Being oneself
· Keep striving, even when things go right
· Provide solutions and good atmosphere, even when things go wrong
· Take it, return it and share it with the team
· Only if you help to grow, makes you grow

I hope that this blog will contribute to a better understanding of my professional development

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